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7,000 horses and a monster

"She was sweaty, so god damned sweaty. The love ran through her veins, PCP, Gorilla, some called it. They chased the kitten every night, knowing to catch it would be to die. It was drive, in gear and full throttle. Her eyes met his, the evening was mature, time was exploding in their minds. Mountains grew and fell with his heartbeat, deadly was his gaze. Dirt in their hair, they played the whole night through. The toddlers, three and four, started to come down. An engine started to roar in the children, 7,000 horses under the hood. Destruction would rain tonight, their city would break."

What a good story the father thought as he read it back to himself. "I'm a brilliant man, what will I think of next," he thought as he closed his notebook and fell into his dreams.
At work the next day he boasted about his new tale, no one seemed to care. He got depressed and chugged a bottle of vodka in the backseat of his boxy little Scion. He drove home drunk, he didn't give even one little fuck about the events that transpired that afternoon while he walked in the door to his home. He said what he felt, he did what he needed. his children hugged him at the waist making a squishy noise. They seemed confused, they stepped back. "Your fathers messed his pants. Your mother's going to be angry seeing as that I'm wearing her crotchlesses." Just as he finished his wife came down holding the notebook with his story inside, she seemed angry as he fell to the floor passed out.
In his dream he was playing in a mud mess. When he woke he was rolling around in his front yard half naked wearing a black face of poop. The wife had found his book and was upset about a few sections of his story. Mostly about her husband naming himself specifically in the story titled: "Remember When I Raped a Monster?" ( and believe me he recalled it vividly)

EXCERPT:"I opened the closet, because I saw a stiff pole sticking out from between the sliding doors. Needless to say I choked on it. Oh and it wasn't a monster..."

As she walked out onto the balcony of the master bedroom that overlooked the front lawn, the woman said, "what do you have to say about this story of the monster?" He replied, " don't wake it!" She gasped. He put a finger to his lips,"SSSssshhhhhhh." But at that moment she heard stirring from behind her. He heard it to and yelled,"WATCH OUT! That's no monster, it's a bear... The stirring grew louder there was no way out, she was on the second story and the closet was right next to the door. The door opened and with a roar the hefty naked gay man walked out , and she said "well I guess you're out of the closet now!" The bear was angry a woman had woke him and instead of the spindle queer who lived there. A man scream roared from the bear. He shit in his hand and threw it at her, a chip shot off her mouth. He then ripped her leg off and chopped her boob off with it, then he filled his belly with her oily meats and headed for the lawn. The two men fucked missionary on the lawn for hours, a white squirt fountain ensued. Beautiful.