Tuesday, February 17, 2009

earth worm

A child became man. He lost all innocence on the night of his bar mitzvah, he drank whiskey and played with wieners til dark became light and the day was born once again. He did not feel ashamed of the man he had become, in fact he felt proud. Proud of the metaphoric dance he had done the night before, the game of cat and mouse. But today was new and fresh, a blank canvas to paint his new skills upon. And so he slept...
Late afternoon, sky is blood red. While waking he felt rage in his belly the, the drugs had wore off. His roll had ended in a halt so still. He recalled the night before, he only had one memory; It was him, under spotlight, in silken garb. He looked fancy, that brought glee to his eyes.
There were bespectacled gentlemen all around him. One in sexual trance, emitting voice of an aghast beast. Another dapper as can be, watching from a far. Him, with a Medusa's head of cock hair. WAIT WHAT!?!? he exclaimed with ball sack free falsetto. Until last night girls were on his mind and now snakes creeping down his cavernous tum-tum! This was absurd, an act like that would never happen to such a strapping young lad like himself, but could it have?
He decided to take a shower, cool off and forget this horrible nightmare. He undid his robe and as he let it fall off his back while he stared over his shoulder into the mirror like a classy call girl, then he noticed the marks. One there and there and even there. Some small, some large, some black, some blue. He convinced himself these were medals of honor, that he took it like a man. But when he looked closer it became clear to him that these were tattoos of men's penises dipped in henna ink, then pressed against him. He looked like a zebra. One of these tats had a distinct look to it, long and thin like an earthworm, he trembled.
He came downstairs for breakfast and filled his belly. " Oh great" he mumbled as his father walked in just out of his field of vision, "now I look like a PREGNANT COCK COVERED FREAK!!!" "What was that son?"his father replied. "oh nothing daddy, can i have some money for the mall today?" His dad said " sure but what about last night, huh? " The son didn't know what to do or say. The dad added " so what happened after we gave you your henna tattoos, we left after that? " The son could not believe his ears, eyes wide, senses high, he stood up. "YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!???" he yelled as he tore off his robe. " His dad seemed shocked at the amount of hot man sausage that has grazed his sons porcelain skin. He stood up and pointed to his son's lower back. The son looked in the mirror on the wall and saw that their was his dads signature inside a butterfly in henna ink next to the rest of his family's. "We thought it would be funny, you were drunk for the first time, you hate tramp stamps, but what has become of you!?" The father ran upstairs and slammed the bathroom door, his son ran after him. He paused for a second at the door and then opened it as he said " I'm Sorry." His dad had just finished peeing and turned around surprised with his genitalia still exposed.....................EARTH WORM!!!!!!!

The enD

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